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Varshets Branch

The Branch is located in the City of Varshets, on the northern slopes of the Western Balkan Mountains, 90 km north of Sofia and about 35 km away from the City of Montana. Varshets has been a famous resort since 1850. lts geographic location specifies it as a climatic and spa resort, at an altitude of 380 m, on huge granite and diorite rock, storing inexhaustible mineral water quantities,that have been utilized since Roman times.


The ecological park in the south-eastern parts of the city is one of the natural sights ofVarshets. You could reach further to the wonderful world of the Ledenika Cave, or to the ski tracks under the Kom Peak /2016 m high/. The paths pass through remnants of ancient Roman fortresses. Some of the destinations for one-day trips are the Waterfall, the Green Valley, the White Water and Streshero. Challenges for advanced tourists are the caves: the Barkite, the Crest and the Devil to the east, or to the north the legendary Todorini Kukli Peak /1785 m/.

Specialists in

Physical and rehabilitation medicine

·         internal diseases

·         cardiology

·         othorhinolaryngology

·         othoneurology

·         orthopedics

·         surgeon

·         neurologist


Diseases treated

Diseases of the central nervous system:neurosis, neurasthenia, post-insult states,cerebrovascular disease, cerebral palsy in children, otho-neurological diseases;

Сardiovascular diseases: hypertonicdisease Ist and IInd stage, ischemic heartdisease, post-infarct states stabilized and uncomplicated forms;

Diseases of the periphery nervous system: radiculitis, plexitis, neuritis, polyneuritis etc.

Diseases of the locomotory system:states after fractures, luxations, distortions, contusions, ruptures of joint links, inborn luxations;

Professional diseases: polyneuropathy, vibration disease, intoxications;

Metabolic Diseases: diabetes, obesity;

Skin diseases: trophic ulcers, neurodermitis, chronic eczemas.

The mineral water therapy andprophylaxis have good impact on: states after physical and mental stress andoverstrain, for general prophylactic strengthening and tempering, post-operative convalescence, climax, etc.

The patients come in acute and chronic stages of the disease. The facility is equipped for serving disabled people.

Healing methods

  • Balneotherapy – with mineral water-drinking, baths and mineral pool;- underwater massage jet, electrical bath,pearl bath, oxygen bath, shower unit,underwater remedial gymnastics;- Mud therapy with peat-mineral mudPhysiotherapy – electrical – and lighttherapy;

    Thermal therapy – paraffin therapy,cryotherapy;

    Kinesitherapy – curative massage, manualtherapy, acupressure, remedial gymnastics hall, fitness hall, outdoor therapy;

    Laser therapy;

    psychotherapy, electrical sleep therapy,music and aroma therapy;

    Diet nutrition according to the disease;


all acute diseases,acute febrile states,

malignant new formations

decompensate cardio-vascular and pulmonary diseases

acute mental diseases – psychopathia, neurosis, acute depressions, epilepsy.

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

120 beds  in 57 rooms:

– 4 apartments, thereof 2 renovated

– 4 renovated rooms with 1 bed

(IA* category)

– 30 renovated rooms with 2 beds

(IA* category)

– 9 rooms with 2 beds (I category)

– 10 rooms with 3 beds (I category)

Additional Information

a wide range of physiotherapeutic equipment

-Jet baths

– Indoor swimming pool

Outdoor children’s pool

– Mineral baths

– Hydro massage baths

– Hydro massage showers

– Fitness hall

– Remedial gymnastics hall

computer hall

– peat and lye therapy hall

Hall for testing and therapy of pains, vertigo and noises in the ears

Hall for psychorelaxing therapy by means of electrical sleep

– Lift

– TV

– Safe deposit box

– Parking lot

– Conference hall  (30 seats)

Typical features

Complex rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular diseases.


Main curative factors

– mineral water – with low mineralization, hydrocarbonatesulphate, sodium

– climate


Moderately continental with sub-mountain influence.

Average annual air temperature: +12 oC


• by train (to Vratsa, Vratsa- Varshets – by bus)

• by bus