General contraindications

At the hospitals for rehabilitation the requirements for treatment with physical factors are observed.

The contraindications for treatment are:

    • Patients at acute stage of disease.
    • Patients with frequent bleeding, independently on the reason, except for the hemorrhoidal cases.
    • Patients with infectious and parasites.
    • Patients with malignant new formations subject to operative or other treatment or with metastases.
    • Patients with liver cirrhosis.
    • Patients with heavy progressive forms of anemia and other blood disorders, independently on the etiology.
    • Patients with psychical disorders being taken out from the self-control state. Heavy psychopathies and neuroses accompanied by heavy depressions. Durable intrusive states and faints.
    • Patients with epilepsy.
    • Patients from all forms of drug-addiction and alcoholism.
    • Arrhythmia and particularly, full arrhythmia, paroxysmal tachycardia, antrioventicular blockage.
    • Patients in the period of decompensation of ІІI-th and ІV-nd degree.
    • Patients with coronal insufficiency with frequent stenocardial faints and cardiac insufficiency
    • Patients with nephrosclerosis at the stage of renal insufficiency.
    • Patients with kidney-stone disease subject to operation.
    • Gynecological diseases, contradictive for balneo- and mud-treatment – ovary cysts, myomas, metropathy.