Pavel Banya

Beneficially spent time among roses nature and traditions

Pavel Banya Branch

The specialized hospital for rehabilitation is located at the town of Pavel Banya in the central part of the Kazanlak Valley, at 400 m sea level. The branch is at 500 m from the center of the town.

The curative effect of the mineral water is proved to be in three directions: thermal, mechanical and chemical. The mineral water is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sodium, hyperthermal, radonium, silicon and fluorine with slightly expressed alkaline reaction. /pH –7.5-7.9/, It can be used for drinking, but only if prescribed by physician. It is recommended for patients with retarded callus generation and with bone substance dilution, osteoporosis, Sudeck’s syndrome, teeth caries and other dental problems.


Pavel Banya can offer to its guests many interesting sights which can give meaning of their leisure time. Mummer parades, Holiday of Rose and Mineral Water, Feast of Town; Rose Queen and Mineral Water King competition are traditionally conducted. Interesting are the Church of the Mother of God, the fountain and the monument of unknown soldier, the monument of the world-known opera singer Todor Mazarov, as well as The Old House located in the silent central area near the park. The near towns of Kazanlak, Karlovo and Kalofer, as well as Trakya Tomb, the Russian Church and the Rose Valley, are quite attractive places for the tousrits, being preferable for outing. Near is also the Tundzha River which empties its waters into the Koprinka Dam.

Its banks are beautiful places for respite, picnic and walks among the nature. The crystal clear waters are rich in fish, and over the lush meadows and the little forests pheasants and partridges often fly.


·         Physical and rehabilitation medicine

·         Neurology

·         Roentgenology


Diseases treated

Diseases of locomotory system:vertebrogenic diseases, degenerative, joint and peri-joint states after traumatic and orthopedic diseases; post-endoprotheisng state.

Diseases of peripheral nervous system:disc diseases, mono- and polyneuritis, radiculitis, post-peripheral nervous and spinal-brain traumas, functional nervous disorders.

Diseases of central nervous system:contusions and spinal brain breaking, vessel myelopathies.

Healing methods

– Balneotherapy – baths, swimming pools, curative showers, underwater gymnastic

– Modern neuro-physiological laboratory with a possibility for electromiography with evocated potentials (somatosensoric, auditory, optical/

– Underwater extension under the Gechev’s method

– Underwater massage

– Paraffin-therapy

– Remedial gymnastic

– Mechano-therapy

– Labor therapy

– Electro- and light-therapy

– Manual therapy

– Healthy eating depending on the disease


– Vessel disorders of cerebrum /post-insult states/;

– Epilepsy, tuberculosis, anemia, cirrhoses, heavy diabetes, hemorrhages, etc.;

– Cardiac-vessel diseases in decompensation;

– Degenerative nervous diseases
– Patients with decubitus wounds and pelvis-reservoir disorders;

– Psychical disorders;

– Heavy lung disorders /asthma, emphysema, abscess, etc./;

– dermal and venereal diseases. 

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

224 beds allocated in 97 rooms:

– 3 apartments  – renovated

– 1 apartment

– 41 renovated rooms with 2 bed

(І А* category)

– 4 rooms with 1 bed (ІА category)

– 10 rooms with 2 beds (І category)

– 4 rooms with 2 beds (ІІ category)

– 34 rooms with 3 beds (ІІ category)

Additional information

– Wide range of physiotherapeutic equipment

– Indoor swimming pool

– Outdoor swimming pool

– Fitness hall

– Remedial  gymnastics hall

– Mineral baths

– Jet baths

– Sauna

– Jacuzzi

– Solarium

– Lift

– TV

– Safe (individual)

– Proprietary parking

– Conference hall – 50 seat

– Sports ground

Typical features:

Underwater extension therapy under the specific method of Genchev developed and introduced at the branch.

Complex rehabilitation in degenerative disc disease


Main curative factor

– Mineral water


Transitional-continental with a moderate cold winter and cool summer

Average annual air temperature: + 10,8 oC


• passenger’s train

• by bus