Banite, Smolyan District

One of the best rehabilitation complexes in Bulgaria

Banite, Smolyan District

The Branch is located in the Rhodope Mountains along Malka Arda River, 60 km east of the City ofSmolyan and 120 km south of the City of Plovdiv, in a picturesque setting, enjoyable for recreation and tourism. The unique mix of nature and climate, the altitude of 750 m and the abundant mineral water, make the facility very attractive.

This region is famous for cultural and historic sights and cultural monuments from the Roman age.

Typical for this branch is the available mineral water, containing silicon, fluorine, sulphate, carbonates, sodium and potassium. It is hyper thermal (42.8°) with low alkaline content (Ph 7.2).


The municipality of Banite is hidden deep in the Rhodope Mountains. The northern part of the mountain range is capped by the 2001meters high peaks of Prespa and Svoboda and the vast Karakulas Pasture. This magnificent place in Bulgaria fascinates with its wonderful landscape.

The picturesque mountain views, the thermal mineral spring, dating back to the Roman times according to the legends create a unique atmosphere in this mountain village.The Mineral Water Feast of Banite Municipality is celebrated on 5 and 6 May each year.

Specialists in

·         Physical and rehabilitation medicine

·         Psychiatry

·         Internal diseases


Diseases treated

  • Locomotory system: degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases; post-fracture, luxation, distortion, contusion states, ruptures of the joint links, inborn luxations, etc; Bechterev’s disease;
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis,discopathy, polyradiculitis;
  • Professional diseases:  vibration disease,intoxications with heavy metal salts, diseasesdue to overstress and fatigue;
  • Diseases of the stomach-intestinal tract:chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcer, chronic stomatitis;- disturbed digestion and lack of appetite,chronic colitis, hepatitis, etc;- chronic faringitis

Healing methods

  • spa therapy: mineral pool,baths,underwater massage /jet/, underwater remedial gymnastics, water drinking hall;- physiotherapy with equipment: electrical and illumination therapy;- laser therapy

    thermal therapy: paraffin therapy, lyetherapy,

    kinesitherapy: open-air therapy, manual massages, remedial gymnastics;

    specific diet for the disease.


  • – diseases of the Locomotory system in acute and pre-acute state;- tumor formations;- epilepsy, tuberculosis, anemia, cirrhosis,acute diabetes, hemorrhage, etc;

    cardio-vascular diseases at the decompensation stage;

    mental disorders;

    acute pulmonary diseases /asthma,emphysema, abscess, etc./

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

151 beds in 68 rooms:

– 4 apartments

– 12 renovated rooms with 2 beds

(І А* category)

– 37 rooms with 2 beds (ІА category)

– 7 rooms with 3 beds (ІА category)

– 8 rooms with 3 beds (І category)

Additional Information

– Physiotherapeutic equipment

– Indoor swimming pool

– Fitness hall

– Mineral baths

– Jet baths

– Jacuzzi

– Sauna

– Solarium

– Remedial gymnastics hall

– Lift


Safe deposit box (individual)

Proprietary parking lot

– Conference hall with 20 seats

– Children’s playground

Typical features:

Complex rehabilitation of patients aimed at purification of the body from accumulated toxins in poisoning by lead salts, other heavy metals and radiation damages


Main curative factors
  • mineral water
  • climate

Moderate continental  with Mediterranean influence.

Average annual air temperature: + 10,5 oC


• by train or by bus tо Plovdiv.From the Rhodopes Bus Station -Plovdiv – Village of Banite at 13.20hrs. by bus

• by bus to Smolyan. FromSmolyan to the Village of  Banite – by bus