The native area of the great musician Orpheus and source of strength and energy Spartacus

Velingrad Branch

The sanatorium is located in the city of Velingrad, in one of the most picturesque places in the western Rhodope Mountains. This is a famous tourist destination. The resort is characterized by numerous mineral springsvarying in temperature, contents and application profile with the highest flow in Bulgaria. The building is within a large park in close proximity to the city center with most favorable bioclimate. Altitude – 750 m.


One of the most fantastic, romantic and mystical places in Velingrad is the largest karst spring in Bulgaria Kleptusa, and the Kleptuza Park with its two lakes is one of the logos of the city. The evergreen pine forests to the south are included in a natural park, visited by the native inhabitants and visitors of the city.

18 km south of Velingrad – on the territory of the Village of Dorkovo the ancient Bulgarian fortress – Tsepinais one of the well known fortresses in the Rhodope Mountains, which was built in the IX century.

A remarkable tourist sight 12 km away from Velingrad is the Lepenitsa Cave. The cultural places of interest like the historical museum, the picture gallery, the cultural clubs and cinemas offer entertainment and recreation opportunities to the visitors of this city.

The picturesque outskirts of Velingrad are very attractive coniferous and deciduous forests, wonderful meadows and crystal clear rivers. The magnificent natural sites like Yundola, Belmeken, Kurtovo, Kladova, Chernovrah are breath-taking.


  • Physical and rehabilitation medicine
  •   neurology
  • internal diseases


Diseases treated

Diseases of the central nervous system:state post apoplexy, multiple sclerosis,Parkinson’s disease , infant cerebral palsy,cranial brain traumas, disk disease, mono- and polyneuritis, radiculitis, states post peripheral-nervous and  spinal cord traumas,functional nervous diseases;

Inflammatory and degenerative jointdiseases: rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondyloarthritis, arthrosis and arthritis;

Оrthopedic – thraumatological diseases:post fracture  states and their complications,post orthopedic operative intervention states;

Inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tracts and the lungs: allergic states;

Cardio-vascular diseases: ischemic heartdisease, post myocardial infarction states,post heart operation states, hypertonicdisease, myocardial sclerosis;

Endocrinal and metabolic diseases:osteoporosis, diabetes and complicationsthereof, thyrotoxicosis, podagra, obesity;

Inflammatory gynecological diseases:sterility, hypoplasion, hypo ovary syndrome,oligo – and dysmenorrheal diseases;

Gastro-intestinal and gall-liver diseases:stomach and duodenum ulcer, gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis;

Diseases of the excretory system:kidney-stone disease with urate diathesis,cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis chronic forms, except acute stages;

Some skin diseases: dermatitis, eczemas, furniculi, panaritium, mucosa.

Healing methods

– balneotherapy – /baths, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, hydro-massage baths,underwater massage, curative showers,inhalations, drinking applications /

– kinesitherapy – active and passive, manualtherapy, remedial gymnastics, specialized techniques and methods

– thermal therapy – sauna, steam bath,paraffin therapy, lye therapy, cryotherapy

– a full range of physiotherapeutic procedures;

– outdoor therapy;

– laser therapy;

– diet nutrition


infectious and parasite diseases;

chronic diseases at decompensation stage; –hemorrhages, regardless of their origin


oncologic  diseases


mental diseases

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

140 beds in 70 rooms:

– 8 apartments, 2 of them renovated

– 12 renovated rooms with 2 beds

(І А* category)

– 10 rooms with 2 beds (І А category)

– 2 rooms with 1 bed (І А category)

– 19 rooms with 2 beds (І category)

– 1 room with 3 beds (І category)

– 17 rooms with 2 beds (ІІ category)

– 1 room with 3 beds (ІІ category)

Additional information

A wide range ofPhysiotherapeutic equipment

– Indoor swimming pool

Mineral baths

– Jet baths


Steam bath



– Fitness hall

– Remedial gymnastics hall

Clinical Laboratory



– Safe deposit box

Parking lot

Conference Hall (20 seats)

Typical features:

Complex rehabilitation of patients with osteoporosis


Main curative factors

– mineral water – slightly mineralized, hyper thermal,moderately alkaline, hydro carbonatesulphate-sodium fluorine, meta salicylic, slight radon content.

– climate


Moderate continental with Mediterranean influence

Average annual air temperature: + 10 oC


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