Momin Prohod

Hot mineral sources of significance for the whole world from the time of the ancient Thracians and the Roman military commanders

Momin Prohod Branch

Momin Prohod Branch is located in the southern Bulgaria at the railway and road artery betweenSofia and Plovdiv, in the southwestern branches of the Stara Gora Mountain. The branch is situatedwithin a park area at about 300 m from the center of the town of Momin Prohod and at 3 km from the town of Kostenets. The sea level is 494 m.

The mineral water is hyperthermal – 64оС, slightly mineralized – (0,960 mg/l), sulphatesodium,radonium, slightly alkaline рН – 7.7, clear, colorless, without smell and with pleasant potable tastequalities. The final effect of treatment by mineral water is antiallergic, antiinflammatory, immuneprotective and general roborant.


In the verdant locality of the southwestern branches of the Sredna Gora Mountain, Momin Prohod is located close to the Trayanovo Vrata pass, at the narrow gorge of the Bashnitsa River. In close vicinity are Kostenets, where multiple archeological monuments were found, giving information about its rich history – 36 burial mounds, 20necropolies, including 75 burial mounds, relics from 11 ancient settlements and settlements from the Bronze age, Early and Late Iron Age, 6 settlements from the Roman period and 8settlements of the late middle age, as well as Christian temples of historic, cultural and artistic value. The mountain resort Borovets,wellknown in Bulgaria and abroad, is located at 26 km distance. The visitors can take part in the May Holidays of culture and the Folk Fair on the occasion of the battle at the Trayanovi Vrata locality.


  • Physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • Orthopedics and traumatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Neurology


Diseases treated

Diseases of the upper respiratorysystem and lungs: Chronic inflammatoryand allergic laryngitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis,bronchitis, bronchial asthma, postpneumonia state, etc.

Diseases of the locomotory system:osteoporosis and related diseases, post-fracture states treated operatively and conservatively, post-endoprothesing state,diseases of muscles and tendons.

Late consequences from poliomyelitis;

Diseases of central nervous system:childrens cerebral paralysis, residual paresis,postapoplexy state, traumatic damages ofcentral nervous system and inflammatorydisorders of the same.

Diseases of nervous system: neuralgia,neuritis, radiculitis, plexitis, compressiveradicular syndromes, obstetric plexus injuriesof children, posttraumatic lesions ofperipheral nerves treated operatively orconservatively.

Skin diseases: psoriasis at nonacute stage,parapsoriasis, neurodermitis, seborrhealeczema, other chronic eczemas withoutfestering processes, professional medicinaldermatitis, initial stage of sclerodermia andsclerotic sclerodermitis, ichtyosis,keratoderma, pruritus, dyshidrosis, chronicurticaria.

General prophylactics: strengthening and hardening of organism, besides the treatment process of the stated diseases, as well as fluorine prophylactics of tooth caries and of the elderly osteoporosis, as well as of the premature aging process.

Healing methods

Balneotherapybaths, swimming pools,curative showers, jet massage andunderwater gymnastic, irrigations, inhalations;

Kinesitherapyindividual and group remedial gymnastic, curative massage classic methods of reflectory therapy of Voight are applied, as well as individually –methods of Bobat and Cobat for children with cerebral paralysis

Heat procedureswet wrapping under theKennys method, mud-therapy, paraffin-therapy

Electrotherapy, electrophoresis ,electrostimulation, UVF, solux, magnetictherapy, interference current

Medicinal treatment in help of thekisnesitheraupetic program

Operative treatment – upon precise analysis, at stages, by applying all operative methods for correction of deformations and contractures of children with cerebral paralysis

Psychologicalpedagogical rehabilitation,social habilitation, school classes from first toeight class;

Healthy eating depending on the disease.


Active lung tuberculosis or another organlocalization

New formations

Acute fibril states with established etiology

Acute states of chronic diseases

Advanced stage of respiratory, cardiacvessel, renal and liver insufficiency

High degree of malignant arterial hypertonia

Chronic ischemic disease of heart with rhythm and conductive problems

Subacute stage of miocardial infarction and unstable stenocardia

Multiple sclerosis

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and Rooms

Momin Prohod Branch has three 5-storeyed buildings for elderly people and one for children.


190 beds allocated in 95 rooms:

– 8 apartments

– 30 renovated rooms with 2 beds

(І А* category)

– 35 rooms with 2 bedscategory)

– 22 rooms with 2 beds (ІІcategory)

Additional information

– Awide range ofphysiotherapeutic equipment

Indoor swimming pool

Childrens swimming poolindoor and outdoor

Fitness hall

Mineral baths

Jet baths

Mud bath

Remedial gymnastic hall




Safe (individual)

Proprietary parking

Conference hall – 30 seats

Children’s ground

Sports ground

Typical features

Cerebral palsy program – complex rehabilitation for the treatment of cerebral palsy


Sector for inhalations, irrigations, etc., to the department of physical therapy and rehabilitation of diseases of the upper respiratory system, and lungs.

Main curative factors

Mineral water




Moderately-continentalfavorable for year-round treatment

Average annual air temperature:  +10.5 оС average January temperature -1 оС and average July temperature +22 оС.


by passenger’s train

by bus