Among the southern slopes of the Sredna Gora the present and the ancient times are venerated before the mineral water effect

Hisarya Branch

The Hisarya Branch is located in Hisaryaa town situated in the Upper Thracian valley on thesouthern slopes of Sredna Gora, at 40 km north of the town of Plovdiv. The branch’s main base is located in the central part of the city with an adjacent proprietary park for respite. The seal level is365 m.

The mineral water is slightly mineralized and of hydrocarbonatesulphatesodium, slightly radonium, slightly fluorine, hyperthermal (42.8°), alkaline (Ph 8.97) nature. The main effect of theunique mineral water of the resort is due to its hypoosmotic and irrigation effect on the tissues and organs, as well as to its diuretic effect.


The town of Hisarya offers multipleopportunities for respite, treatment andentertainments, as well as congress,ecological, rural, cultural, and holiday tourism.Mostly, the historical museum and the relatedarcheological reserve, the Roman tomb, thebiggest gate of the Hisarya fortressKamilitehaving impressive dimensions andrepresenting the southern entrance of the ancient Roman town Dioclecianopolis, as well as the summer theater built in the style of the antique amphitheaters entirely in the spirit of the Roman ancient towns, are visited.In addition to the picturesque and beautifulSredno Gorie, also the small villages at themountain foot can be visited, where there are old houses with preserved traditions and exiting past.


·         Physical and rehabilitation therapy

·         Internal diseases

·         Nephrology

·         Neurology

·         Urology

·         Pediatrics


Diseases treated

Urinary system: renalstone disease,chronic pyelonephritis, chronic cystitis andurethritis, postextracorporal lithotrypsystate, patients with one kidney, initial-stage chronic renal insufficiency;

Digestive system: chronic gastritis andgastroduodenitis, stomach functionaldiseases, dyspeptic syndrome, chronic nonspecific enterocolitis, ulcer disease;

Biliaryliver diseases: biliarystonediseases, chronic holecistitis, discinesia, post-virus hepatitis state;

Metabolic diseases; metabolic syndrome,fattening, diabetes, podagra;

Locomotary system: arthriticrheumaticdiseases;

Neurological: discopathy, radiculitis,polyneuritis

Post-insult states

Healing methods

Balneotherapyinternal and external useof mineral waterby drinking, baths,underwater massage

Another treatment methods physiotherapy, paraffin and lye treatment,curative massageremedial gymnastic,manual therapy, aromatherapy, terraintreatment;

Healthy eating


All diseases at acute stage, acute infectiousdiseases, germcarriers, festering process in all organs;

Frequent and recent bleedings of differentnature;

All forms of uncured tubercolosis;



Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

160 beds located in 82 rooms:

– 2 apartments

– 19 rooms with 2 beds (IAcategory)

– 11 rooms with 2 beds (I category)

– 13 rooms with 3 beds (I category)

– 23 rooms with 21 bed (IIcategory)

– 8 rooms with 2 beds (II category)

– 6 rooms with 3 beds (II category)

Additional information

A wide range ofphysiotherapeutic equipment  

Indoor swimming pool
Fitness hall

Remedial gymnastic hall
Mineral baths
Jet baths
Pearl baths

Safe (individual)
Proprietary parking
Conference hall – 20 seats

Typical features:

Complex rehabilitation of men with chronic prostatitis and erectile dysfunction (ED)


Complex rehabilitation for the treatment of children and adults with renal diseases


Complex rehabilitation of adults and children with gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary disorders and constipation


Complex rehabilitation of patients with obesity


Main curative factors

–  mineral waters



Mixed transitional-continental

Average annual temperature:  + 11,9 oC


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by bus