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Narechen Branch

The Branch is situated in the Village of Narechenski Bani in the Middle Rhodope Mountains, at an altitude of 640 m, in a small gorge along the Asenitsa River, 41 km south of the City of Plovdiv and 41km south of Pamporovo River. Altitude – 670 m.

The mineral water is hypothermal, with hydro carbonate sodium, radon and fluorine content,clear, colorless, odorless, curative and pleasant to drink.


The village of Narechenski Bani is surrounded by marvelous historical andnatural places of interest. The world-famousresort of Pamporovo, is 41 km away fromNarechenski Bani. Mountain paths lead to the peaks of Murgavets and Snezhanka. The famous Batchkovo Monastery is just 15 km away.

The highest monastery in Bulgaria St.Peter and St. Paulus” / altitude 1645 m / is situated 29 km away from Narechenski Baniat the Byala Cherkva Resort. Regular trips are arranged to the Krastova Gora sight. The trip to the wonderful rock bridges Chudnite Mostovetakes 3 hours, if starting from the Village of Orehovo. They are among the 40tourist routes available from this holiday and recreation destination.

Specialists in

  • physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • neurology
  • internal diseases
  • psychiatry


Diseases treated

Functional disorders of the nervoussystem: neurosis, neurasthenia;

Cardio-vascular diseases: hypertonia at a compensation state;

Endocrinal metabolic diseases: diabetes;thyrotoxicosis, metabolite syndrome;

Chronic neuralgia and neuritis, post-traumatic disorders of the periphery nervous system;

Post-insult rehabilitation;

Locomotory diseases rehabilitation: rehabilitation of post-fracture states, osteoporosis.

Healing methods

balneotherapy: mineral baths and curative pool;pearl baths, jet baths;

– physiotherapy with a full set of physiotherapeutic equipment;

paraffin cure;

kinesitherapy: remedial gymnastics therapy, manual therapy;

reflex therapy, lazer therapy, electric dream;

diet nutrition according to the disease.


– acute infectious diseases;

– acute mental disorders.

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

190 beds in 85 rooms:

– 9 apartments

– 5 renovated rooms with 2 beds

(І А* category)

– 5 renovated rooms with 1 bed

(І А* category)

– 30 rooms with 2 beds (ІА category)

– 23 rooms with 3 beds (ІА category)

– 11 rooms with 2 beds (І category)

– 2 rooms with 3 beds (І category)

Additional Information

– a wide range of physiotherapeutic equipment

– Outdoor swimming pool

– Fitness hall

– Remedial gymnastics hall

– Mineral baths

– Jet baths

– Pearl baths

– Jacuzzi

– Sauna

– Lift


– Safe deposit box

Proprietary parking lot

– Conference hall with 120 seats

Typical features:

Complex rehabilitation for the treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus


National training center fordiabetes patients;

Main curative factors

– mineral water

– climate


Transitional – between moderate continental and Mediterranean

Average annual air temperature: + 9,5 oC


• by bus (the busses for Smolian and for Pamporovo stop at the Village of Narechenski Bani).