About us

The Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation – National Complex EAD (SBR – NK EAD) is the leader in the physical and rehabilitation medicine applying recognized medical standards in combination with natural resources.

The Company has no analogue within the system of health care of the Republic of Bulgaria, composed of 13 specialized rehabilitation hospitals located on the territory of the whole country at recognized balneotherapy resorts.

SBR–NK EAD offers a wide range of physiological and rehabilitation methods of treatment at its specialized hospitals. Natural and remedial factors such as the climate, mineral water, curative mud in combination with instrumental physiotherapy, kinesitherapy are being applied.

At the hospital work highly qualified higher and high medical staff with rich experience and modern equipment. Thus we guarantee durable positive results and favorable effect in the treatment of various diseases for adults and children.

SBR–NK EAD is a trade 100% state-owned company and the principal is the Ministry of Health.

At the Central office of the company – Sofia, 54 Vassil Levski Blvd., you can be consulted by medical specialists and can make preliminary reservation for the medical institution as recommended to you.