At the foot of Pirin Mountains you will have a unique feeling

Sandanski Branch

The town of Sandanski is located in the southeastern slopes of the Pirin Mountain along the lower valley of the Sandanska Bistritsa River. The geographic position of this branchbetween the Kresnagorge and Rupel gorgeis a precondition for its exceptional favorable climatic features.

The branch is located in the park area of the town at a locality with unique climate and mineralsprings, the water of which is hyperthermal. The sea level is 224 m.


Sandanski is an exceptionally picturesquetown, the charm of which is exalted by thefriendly climate, natural and cultural sights.The Archeological museum of the towndisposes with one of the richest collections of the country. It is built on an ancient Basilique where artifacts from multiple ages can be found.

The adjacent towns are Blagoevgrad,Razlog, and Melnik, where the visitors cantaste the famous local wine or feast their eyeson the architecture from the Bulgariannational revival. Petrich is also at a shortdistance, where the wellknown locality ofRupite is located. From this point, excursionsand travelings to the Samuils Fortress, themountain hostelsBegovitsaandYane Sandanski or to the locality “Popina Lyka” can be undertaken.

Good opportunities for walks offers thehuge green belt of 1500 dca surface along theslopes of Sandanska Bistritsa in the eastern part of the town.

The feast of the town of Sandanski is celebrated in April, the National Folklore Meeting on the occasion of the IlindenPreobrazhenie Uprising in August or the International festival Pirin Folkduring the worm days of September, will fill the visitors’ souls with joy and light.


·         Physical and rehabilitation medicine

·         Allergology

·         Internal diseases

·         Children’s diseases


Diseases treated

Nonspecific chronic and allergicdisorders of respiratory system:bronchitis , asthma, Allergic  rhinitis,sinusitis, pharyngitis; postpneumonia states,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease/COPD/;

Chronic joint diseases: Bechterewsdisease, spondyloarthrosis, portfracturestates, rheumatic arthritis;

Peripheral nervous system diseases:neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis; postinsult state rehabilitation.


Infectious diseases;

Cardiacvessel diseases at decompensationstage

Healing methods

Balneotherapymineral showermineral baths

Physiotherapeutic procedures

Medicinalinhalator treatment


Remedial gymnastic


Lye treatment

Healthy eating depending on the disease

Свободен прием

по клинични пътеки

по програма НОИ

чрез ЗОФ

Capacity and rooms

260 beds located in 116 rooms:

– 6 apartmentsrenovated

– 15 renovated rooms with 2 beds

(IA* category)

– 17 rooms with 2 beds (IAcategory)

– 50 rooms with 2 beds (I category)

– 28 rooms with 3 beds (I category)

Additional information

–  A wide range ofphysiotherapeutic equipment  

Jet baths
Mineral baths

Fitness hall

Remedial gymnastic hall


– TV


Conference hall (26 seats)

Typical features

Complex rehabilitation for the treatment of nonspecific respiratory system diseases – bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic bronchitis


Main curative factors

Mineral waterhydrocarbonatesilicon, sodium sulphate and fluorine



Transitional-continental with Mediterranean influence.

Average annual air temperature: + 14,7 oC


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